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= Posters =
 * [[attachment:Wavelet_Poster_WIFS2011.pdf|N. Debande, Y. Souissi, A.E. Aabid, S. Guilley, J-L.Danger, “A Multiresolution Time-Frequency Analysis Based Side Channel Attacks”, Poster Session of WIFS2011, Dec., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:TPT_poster.pdf|Telecom ParisTech CHES'11 poster|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Lip6_Poster_CHES2011.pdf|Lip6 CHES'11 poster|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:MIA_Poster_CHES2011.pdf|N.Debande, T-H. Le, M. Berthier; “An overview of Mutual Information Analysis,” Poster Session of CHES 2011, Sep., 2011.|&do=get]]
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= Physical understanding =
 * [[attachment:11_emc_RSAcarto.pdf|L. Sauvage, S. Guilley, J-L Danger, N. Homma, Y. Hayashi, “Practical Results of EM Cartography on a FPGA-based RSA Hardware Implementation,” EMC2011, pp. 768-772, Liong Beach, August 2011|&do=get]]
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 * [[attachment:EMC11_rsademod.pdf|O. Meynard, Y. Hayashi, N. Homma, S. Guilley, J-L Danger, “Identification of information leakage spots on a cryptographic device with an RSA processor,” EMC2011, pp. 773-778, Long Beach, August 2011|&do=get]]
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= EMA =  * [[attachment:DATE_11_enhancement.pdf|O. Meynard, D. Real, S. Guilley, J-L. Danger, and N. Homma, “Enhancement of Simple Electro-Magnetic Attacks by Pre-characterization in Frequency Domain and Demodulation Techniques,” DATE2011, pp. 1004-1009, March, 2011.|&do=get]]
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= Attack Understanding = = Analysis technique =
 * [[attachment:gaussianite.pdf|Y. Souissi, S. Mekki, N. Debande, S.Guilley, J-L. Danger, “On the optimality of Correlation Power Analysis,” WISTP’12 (Under submission)|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Wire_Tap_Codes.pdf|J. Bringer, H. Chabanne, T-H Le, “Protecting AES Against Side-Channel Analysis Using Wire-Tap Codes,” (Under submission)|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Non_Malleable_Codes2.pdf|H. Chabanne, G. Cohen, A. Patey, “Secure Network Coding and Non-Malleable Codes: Protection against Linear Tampering,” (Under submission)|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:WIFS_11_resynchro.pdf|N. Debande, Y. Souissi, S. Guilley, J-L. Danger, M. Nassar, Thanh-Ha Le, “Re-synchronization by Moments*: an efficient solution to align Side-Channel traces,” WIFS2011, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil, Dec., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Non-Malleable_Codes.pdf|H. Chabanne, G. Cohen, J-Pierre Flori, A. Patey, “Non-Malleable Codes from the Wire-Tap Channel,” ITW2011, Oct., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:NIAT_11_wavelet.pdf|Y. Souissi, M.A. Elaabid, N. Debande, S.Guilley, J-L. Danger; “Novel Applications of Wavelet Transforms based Side-Channel Analysis,” NIAT2011, Sep., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:DTIS_11_vade_mecum.pdf|S. Guilley, O. Meynard, M. Nassar, G.Duc, P. Hoogvorst, M.A. Elaabid, S. Bhasin, Y. Souissi, N. Debande, L. Sauvage, J-L. Danger, “Vade Mecum on Side Channel Attacks and Countermeasures for the Designer and Evaluator,” DTIS2011, April 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:COSADE_11_CPA_MIA.pdf|S. Wang, T-H. Le, M. Berthier, “When CPA and MIA go hand in hand,” COSADE 2011, Feb., 2011.|&do=get]]


Modeling, simulation

Physical understanding

Analysis technique