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= Posters =
 * [[attachment:Wavelet_Poster_WIFS2011.pdf|N. Debande, Y. Souissi, A.E. Aabid, S. Guilley, J-L.Danger, “A Multiresolution Time-Frequency Analysis Based Side Channel Attacks”, Poster Session of WIFS2011, Dec., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:TPT_poster.pdf|Telecom ParisTech CHES'11 poster|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Lip6_Poster_CHES2011.pdf|Lip6 CHES'11 poster|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:MIA_Poster_CHES2011.pdf|N.Debande, T-H. Le, M. Berthier; “An overview of Mutual Information Analysis,” Poster Session of CHES 2011, Sep., 2011.|&do=get]]
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 * [[attachment:HOST2011_fujimoto.pdf|Daisuke Fujimoto, Makoto Nagata, Toshihiro Katashita, Akihiko Sasaki, Yohei Hori and Akashi Satoh, "A Fast Power Current Analysis Methodology using Capacitor Charging Model for Side Channel Attack Evaluation," HOST2011, pp. 87 - 92, San Diego ,2011.06.|&do=get]]
= Physical understanding =
 * [[attachment:11_emc_RSAcarto.pdf|L. Sauvage, S. Guilley, J-L Danger, N. Homma, Y. Hayashi, “Practical Results of EM Cartography on a FPGA-based RSA Hardware Implementation,” EMC2011, pp. 768-772, Liong Beach, August 2011|&do=get]]
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 * [[attachment:EMC11_rsademod.pdf|O. Meynard, Y. Hayashi, N. Homma, S. Guilley, J-L Danger, “Identification of information leakage spots on a cryptographic device with an RSA processor,” EMC2011, pp. 773-778, Long Beach, August 2011|&do=get]]
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= EMA =  * [[attachment:DATE_11_enhancement.pdf|O. Meynard, D. Real, S. Guilley, J-L. Danger, and N. Homma, “Enhancement of Simple Electro-Magnetic Attacks by Pre-characterization in Frequency Domain and Demodulation Techniques,” DATE2011, pp. 1004-1009, March, 2011.|&do=get]]
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= Attack Understanding = = Analysis technique =
 * [[attachment:gaussianite.pdf|Y. Souissi, S. Mekki, N. Debande, S.Guilley, J-L. Danger, “On the optimality of Correlation Power Analysis,” WISTP’12 (Under submission)|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Wire_Tap_Codes.pdf|J. Bringer, H. Chabanne, T-H Le, “Protecting AES Against Side-Channel Analysis Using Wire-Tap Codes,” (Under submission)|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Non_Malleable_Codes2.pdf|H. Chabanne, G. Cohen, A. Patey, “Secure Network Coding and Non-Malleable Codes: Protection against Linear Tampering,” (Under submission)|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:WIFS_11_resynchro.pdf|N. Debande, Y. Souissi, S. Guilley, J-L. Danger, M. Nassar, Thanh-Ha Le, “Re-synchronization by Moments*: an efficient solution to align Side-Channel traces,” WIFS2011, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil, Dec., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:Non-Malleable_Codes.pdf|H. Chabanne, G. Cohen, J-Pierre Flori, A. Patey, “Non-Malleable Codes from the Wire-Tap Channel,” ITW2011, Oct., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:NIAT_11_wavelet.pdf|Y. Souissi, M.A. Elaabid, N. Debande, S.Guilley, J-L. Danger; “Novel Applications of Wavelet Transforms based Side-Channel Analysis,” NIAT2011, Sep., 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:DTIS_11_vade_mecum.pdf|S. Guilley, O. Meynard, M. Nassar, G.Duc, P. Hoogvorst, M.A. Elaabid, S. Bhasin, Y. Souissi, N. Debande, L. Sauvage, J-L. Danger, “Vade Mecum on Side Channel Attacks and Countermeasures for the Designer and Evaluator,” DTIS2011, April 2011.|&do=get]]

 * [[attachment:COSADE_11_CPA_MIA.pdf|S. Wang, T-H. Le, M. Berthier, “When CPA and MIA go hand in hand,” COSADE 2011, Feb., 2011.|&do=get]]


Modeling, simulation

Physical understanding

Analysis technique